Make your investment worthwhile

Make your investment worthwhile

Al’fresco Sunshades Add Value to your Investments

Picture this…

You have invested in a gorgeous property with a pretty garden or a splendid apartment with a nice balcony. However, you find yourself enjoying only part of your property – the indoor areas. You find it too hot to sit in your patio or even for that matter, next to a window inside your house.

Or many times, investment on alfresco dining areas just go to waste simply because it is too hot for the diners’ comfort. In other businesses, inventories are found baking in the sun, shortening their shelf-lives.

Make your investment worthwhile! Increase the usable areas of your investment! Do not neglect the importance of sun protection. Protect your goods. Our sunshade products may be a solution for you.

Al’fresco awnings and canopies come with UV-enhanced and water-resistant premium acrylic. Al’fresco sunshades not only contribute to greater energy efficiency but also expand your home or business for greater enjoyment.

Sourcing for Sunshades

Sourcing for Sunshades

Sourcing for a sunshade is a lot like sourcing for a home or an automobile. Most cars and houses have common features. In general, houses offer you a roof over the head and cars get you from point to point. Why are houses and cars priced differently then? Price depends on what you want in terms of quality, comfort, durability, maintenance, options and all the accessories you can add to to suit your needs. You get what you pay for.

Sunshades are very much the same too. There are different makes, different models, different qualities, different options and shade accessories. Hence, all these make comparing prices alone rather insubstantial.

There are genuine warranties and there are empty promises. There are brand new awning products and there are ‘flea market’ articles put together as new. There are trusted sunshade suppliers and there are fly-by-night awning providers. Some may not be around to service you some years down the road and the components you need replaced can no longer be found locally. Peace of mind comes with making the right choice from the start. Contact Al’fresco for all your sunshade requirements - your right choice from the start.



Please note that the primary function of a retractable awning and a parasol is to provide relief against the sun. When paired with a premium water-resistant fabric, in adherence to our recommended awning gradient, under normal rainfall condition in Singapore, water cannot permeate through the fabric. But, awnings and parasols are not wind-breakers and should be retracted or closed during strong wind condition. This is a basic maintenance requirement. Like any other possessions, the owner has the responsibility to observe the original design usage, and educate other users on correct usage to prevent against misuse.

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