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Elegant Sunshade Products for Your Awning Needs

At Al’fresco Elite System, we boast a wide spectrum of residential and commercial sunshade products including Retractable Awnings, Canopies, Cassette Awnings, Latin Terrace Covers, Parasols, Fabric Tension Systems, Vertical Screens, Polycarbonate Roofing, UV-enhanced Acrylic Fabric, Fire Retardant Fabric, etc.

Through our years of experience, we recognized that every level of consumers may have some form of shade requirements. Hence, we have developed different ranges of sunshade products to cater to different budgets.

We provide free on-site consultation services for local addresses. We will be much pleased to have an opportunity to discuss the application of our products to your shade requirements. Do contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns.

Retractable Awnings for Total Control of Natural Light With retractable awnings you can have control over the amount of sun entering your home and business premise. This type of shade can be drawn back to a compact position or extended for coverage as and when desired. Operation can be via a hand crank, a switch or a remote control. Due to the premium materials that go into the making of the Al’fresco Retractable Awning, excellent fabric tension remains after repeated usage. Retractable Awnings are simply classics that never go out of date.

Cassette Awnings for Smart Looking Sun Protection Cassette Awnings by Al’fresco makes a superb design statement for your home or business. The awning retracts into a sophisticated and sleek looking protective casing. Your awning remains attractive with a longer lifespan. The sharp and aesthetically pleasing design of the cassette awning blends superbly with any outdoor surroundings. The Al’fresco Cassette is a definite choice for the hip and chic.

Vertical Awnings and Drop-arms for Diversity in Compactness Al’fresco Vertical Awnings and Drop-arms are alternative choices to retractable awnings. Some areas and outdoor design concepts are more suited to either one of this type of retractable shades. Both types of shade can be drawn back to a compact position or extended for coverage as and when desired. Contact Al’fresco for a suitable shade recommendation.

Canopies for Fixed Protection and Shapely Aesthetics Al’fresco Fixed Canvas Canopies can be formed according to reasonable requirements into various designs. Canopies are highly versatile in terms of shapes and sizes. Although canopies serve functions of shade and shelter, they are usually good for decorative purpose too due to their flexibility in shapes. Canopies are great for windows and doorways and also front of boutiques and restaurants for signage purposes.

Parasols for Location Flexibility Al’fresco Parasols are free-standing shades of superior quality and comes in a variety of designs and sizes. Our Parasols are defined by their user-friendly opening and closing features. Some parasols come with rotatable and tilt-able features, unique qualities that enhanced the performance of the parasols. These Big Umbrellas can be adapted as Poolside Parasols, Garden Parasols, and Commercial Parasols for restaurants and cafes. Coupled with UV-enhanced fabric and sturdy frame work, Al’fresco Parasols always provide adequate sun protection and complete the look of any outdoor décor.

Polycarbonate Roofing by Al’fresco for Want of Perspective Polycarbonates are widely used as shade materials due to their durable and transparent or translucent quality. It offers protection from weather elements and ultra-violet rays while maximizing light transmission. It is flexible and easily adaptable to curved applications, adopting a variety of design.

The Al’fresco Latin Terrace Cover adds a sense of fluidity to the environment. The loop concept flows in waves of fabric creating a soft tender ambience, setting the stage for romance. The Latin is both aesthetically appealing and functional all in the same instance.

Glass Roofing and Aluminium Composite Roofing set an urban tone to the surroundings. These fixed shades are highly utilitarian in concept with clean lines, no frills, giving an almost zen-like sense.

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